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Vintage Collectibles : Old Calculators


  • Anita Calculator Simulators - A collection of Sumlock Anita calculators and simulators, and related devices associated with the Sumlock factory in Portsmouth, U.K., in the 60s and 70s. 

  • Be Calc - Serge Devidts' collection of vintage electronic calculators and some other pieces of old technology. 

  • Bring Back the HP 15C - Fans of the 15C want Hewlett-Packard to put it back in production. Find a list of reasons to bring it back, the reason it was discontinued in the first place, and an online petition. 

  • Calculating Machines - The private collection of the Dutch collector Nico Baaijens of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic counting, adding and calculating machines. Many pictures and close-ups. 

  • Calculator Collecting - Webring designed to allow navigation between similar sites dealing with the hobby of collecting, and history of electronic calculators. 

  • Calculator Technical Information - Technical information about many calculators, including chip pinouts and self-test sequences, and patent information. 

  • Calculator's Pages - A collection of early mechanical calculating machines and other calculating devices. 

  • Casio FX-700P Programmable Calculator - Technical information about hardware, interfacing, and programming of this vintage device. Includes a construction project for a storage device to emulate the original FA-3 cassette interface. 

  • Collection of Calculators, Portable Computers and Vintage Electronics - Calculators from the '70s, and famous home and personal computers from '80s. Photos, historic information and links to other resources. 

  • Curta Calculating Machines - Links to useful sites about the Curta. Also documents the full disassembly of one, with pictures. 

  • Datamath Calculator Museum - An overview of the calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments Inc. from the famous Datamath (1972) to the modern Graphics calculators, with history and articles. 

  • EEC - Early Electronic Calculator Technology Reference - A source of information about the technology used in the construction of early electronic calculators. Includes a reverse-engineering project. 

  • Electronic Calculator History and Technology Museum - Preserving the history of electronic calculators with information and photographs of early desktop and pocket calculators. 

  • The Famous Slide Rule Page - Pictures and descriptions of The Castell Addiator and The Rapid-Calcolo. 

  • Gregory Escov's homepage - Some articles about Russian made calculators, including undocumented features and error conditions. 

  • How to Collect LED Pocket Calculators - A guide by Larry Gilbert. 

  • HP-41 Archive Site - A library of information about the HP-41 series calculators, with emulators, publications, FAQ, and related links. 

  • HP Collection - Matthias Wehrli's collection of HP calculators and accessories. Includes photographs and specifications for items in the collection. 

  • Illustrated Calculating Machines by Ernst Martin - English translation of the most important book on calculating machines "Rechenmaschinen" by Ernst Martin is illustrated on this site. The site includes .pdf version of the book, many interesting pictures of the machines, production years, and articles. 

  • Mechanical Calculating Machines - Mechanical calculating machines from a collector's point of view, with articles and links to relevant sites. 

  • The Museum of HP Calculators - Information about every HP calculator made since 1968. Includes photo gallery, old advertisements, operating instructions, pricing information and discussion forum. 

  • Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices - A gallery containing many varieties of pocket calculators, slide rules, and abacuses. 

  • Museum of Soviet Calculators - Displays handheld and desktop calculators from the 1900s to the present, showing interesting features of each. 

  • The Old Calculator Web Museum - Photographs of the exterior and interior of many vintage mechanical and electronic calculators. Also includes vintage advertisements and technical literature. 

  • The Old Calculators Web Museum - Virtual museum of vintage mechanical and electronic desktop calculators from the late 1950s through the late 1970s 

  • Old HP and TI Calculators - Photographs and information about HP and TI calculators, including many programs. 

  • Programmable Calculators - A collection of programmable and non-programmable calculators and accessories, with articles and repair notes. 

  • Retrokit - Photographs of some older calculator models. 

  • Reverse-Engineering the HP-75C - A wealth of information about the HP-75C. 

  • Rick Furr's Calculator Reference Page - A collection of information about HP, TI and Curta calculators. Includes articles and many related links. 

  • Soviet Calculators Collection - Pictures of calculators from the former USSR. Includes advertisements, articles, and a guestbook. English and Russian languages. 

  • Soviet Calculators History - Article about the history of the development of Soviet calculators, the features and interesting characteristics of the most relevant models are described. 

  • Stellatron Calculators - An A-Z index of manufacturers, with product photographs, and a timeline of model releases. 

  • Texas Instruments 59 - All about the TI-59 programmable calculator, with photographs and information about accessories, documentation and programs. 

  • Using and Collecting HP Calculators - Information about various HP calculator models, with photographs. Includes instructions on using some of the special functions of some models. 

  • Vintage Calculators - A celebration of old calculators showing the evolution from mechanical calculator to hand held electronic calculator. 

  • Vintage Calculators - Information and lists of vintage and classic calculators, primarily Hewlett-Packard and Texas Instruments. 

  • Vintage calculators - A collector displays his small collection of old calculator models. 

  • The X-Number World of Calculators - A collection of articles about the history of calculators, mechanical and electronic. Also, a number of on-line calculators, recommended books, and a vintage collectors forum. 

  • Yahoo! Groups : oldcalcs - Bulletin board for collectors of old electronic calculators.



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