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Out of the Ordinary

Vintage Collectibles : Out of the Ordinary


  • Air Raid Sirens - Information on air raid sirens and other siren and warning devices. Features photos, sounds, projects, restoration, forum, and links. 

  • Antique Mouse and Rat Traps - This site includes photographs and information about collecting, and researching them as a hobby. 

  • Antique X-Ray Tubes and Accessories - A large collection of antique X-ray tubes and accessories, with images and information. 

  • Arenophile (Sand Collecting) - A start point for sand collectors. 

  • The Art of the Ex Libris - Dedicated to bookplate collecting with sections focusing on heraldic bookplates and modern bookplates. 

  • Backscratcher - Collection of more than 130 Backscratchers. 

  • Bakelite - This is a site dedicated to all collectors of Bakelite and other associated old plastics. 

  • Bakelite and Plastic Museum - Bakelite kitchen and homeware, radios, clocks, jewelry, and cameras. Each item has its comprehensive description. Includes images, books, links. 

  • Bakelite Museum - A history of the plastic, backgrounds and a small collection. Site in German and English. 

  • Brandon's Siren Site - Photos, information, and links, including storm damage photos. 

  • Bryan's Rubber Band Ball - Pictures, statistics and guest book. 

  • Business Card Collecting - Business card collecting facts, fun, and information. Links to business card collectors and traders around the world. 

  • Cabin Safety Cards - A list of safety cards collected from airliners around the world. 

  • Car Brochures - A private collection of classic and modern car brochures from around the world, includes for sale list, links, and images of the collection. 

  • CDCult - AOL and other ISP CD Collection. This site shows the art in each ISP's cds or diskettes received in mail or magazines. 

  • Christmas Pyramids (Windmills) - Information about Christmas pyramids and pictures and descriptions of Christmas pyramids from different countries. 

  • Cliff Muskiet's Stewardess Uniform Collection - Thumbnailed photograph galleries of uniforms worn by airline staff. 

  • Collect Space - Non-commercial site devoted to space memorabilia collecting; combines resources for the collector with an online gallery of a personal collection. 

  • Collecting Crest & Monogram Albums - A personal site exploring and presenting research findings on the forgotten pastime of crest and monogram albums. Presented by Edward J Law. 

  • Collectors Tech - British collector of electronic devices, calculators, radios, and watches. 

  • CollectorX's Handcuff Collection - Features a personal collection of devices of human restraint. Includes descriptions of items with photos, available publications and related links. 

  • Covers To Discover - A picture collection about manhole covers. Accepts submissions. [English and French]. 

  • The Daily Newspaper Collection - Individual collecting front pages of daily newspapers. The site contains the catalogue. 

  • Drainspotting - Encouraging people to look down and check out the metal work at foot-level. Pictures and frequently asked questions. Accepts submitted photographs. 

  • Elefant's Home - A large collection of pictures of elephants, including stamps, greeting cards and book covers. 

  • Fantastic Bandaid Collection - A colorful personal collection of the bandaids. Included are images, links and history. 

  • Fish Posters of the World - Photos, links and other information on all sorts of fish posters. 

  • Flashlight Museum - History of flashlights and images of flashlights with information. 

  • - Online museum of antique, classic and new flashlights. 

  • Fool of the Hills Garden Gnomes - Gallery of gnomes and links. 

  • Frogs Collectors' Corner - Around 100 frogs, from all around the world, with images. 

  • The Gamewell Diaphone Web Site - A collector of information and devices showcases the distinctive public warning horns. Information, images and history are featured. 

  • GeekT - Geek History through T-Shirts. The history of technology is best told through the t-shirts that were made during the development process. Users contribute pictures of their shirts along with their histories. 

  • Globes of the 20th Century - Informational site for collectors of 20th century terrestrial globes. Globe manufacturers, how to date a globe, globe bibliography, globe links and a photo gallery of typical 20th century globes. 

  • - A collectors guide to vintage handcuffs, featuring a gallery of handcuffs and related restraints as well as feature articles on handcuff collecting, Houdini and his fellow escape artists of the past. 

  • Hot Water Bottle Collection - Earthenware hot water bottle collection plus foot warmers, bed warmers and muff warmers. 

  • Icebox Memories - Collection of memorabilia associated with the way ice was harvested, stored and finally delivered in the early 1900s. 

  • Jeff's Date Nail Page - An illustrated, comprehensive site on railroad tie date nails. Included is general information on nails, the club, the e-mail newsletter, and the book. 

  • Justbakelite - A brief biography on Leo Hendrik Baekeland with pictures of bakelite as well as links. 

  • Land of Noz - All about collecting antique garden hose nozzles. 

  • - Devoted to antique or vintage kerosene deadflame and tubular lanterns, includes images and links. 

  • Lava Lamps - Provides basic information on lava lamps as well as how to make one. 

  • The Lost Photo Gallery - A collection of lost photos and passport photos, found on the street and in other random locations. 

  • - Fine Sewer Art - Photographs sent in by visitors of various manhole covers from all over the world, as well as history and links. 

  • Maytag Club - A California and Federal Non-Profit Corporation Dedicated to the preservation of the Maytag History and restoration of their products. 

  • Menotomy Vintage Bicycles - Site contains two on-line vintage bicycle databases and 6 Discussion Areas with topics on vintage bicycle pricing, dating and restoration. 

  • Modern Moist Towelette Collecting - Homepage for the Modern Moist Towelette Collecting Newsletter. 

  • The Museum of Nostalgic Artifacts - A post modern collection of recent American relics. Exhibits, history, and photographs. Southern California. 

  • My Bandaids - This site contains images of an extensive bandaid collection and a listing of the people that have made contributions to it. 

  • My Flashlight Collection - Images of an extensive flashlight collection. 

  • The Nailhunter - A pictorial guide to date and pole nails. Collecting date nails is considered to be closely related to insulator collecting. 

  • Old Spice Collectibles - Contains detailed research on Old Spice for Men products: mugs, and bottles. Also reports on eBay sales of Old Spice items. 

  • - MiniDisc blank collections including hundreds of scans. 

  • Oozin' Goo - Information about lava lamps including history and profile of the inventor, formulas for making your own lamps, a vintage lamp photo gallery, and link to message forum. 

  • Paper Watermarks - Collection of paper watermarks, with images and information about watermarks, and links to related resources. English and Espaņol. 

  • Penguins Everywhere - A personal penguin collection, features figurines, snowglobes, Christmas ornaments and plush. 

  • Pigeon ring collector - Enthusiast in Germany features racing rings and ownership cards from all over the world. Includes photos and contact details. 

  • Pocket Calendars - This site is dedicated to a collection of pocket calendars. Includes links, images and reasons to collect pocket calandars. 

  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not Collectors' Site - His fascination with the weird and unusual has made Mickey Ivanovitch one of the world's largest collectors of Ripley's Believe It Or Not memorabilia. 

  • Rubberband Ball Miettinen - A rubberband ball website. This Finnish one is in need of donations. 

  • The RubberBand Ball Room - Step by step guide to creating a rubber band ball. Personal bios, and links to friends pages. 

  • Rubberband Man - Provides information on starting a rubberband ball and has images of on going projects. 

  • Safety-Cards - An extensive collection which includes a complete alphabetical listing, images and a trade list. Site in German and English. 

  • Safetycards.Ru - A collection of airline safety cards which specialises in aviation of the Soviet Union. 

  • Sandcollection - Site about Sand, trading sand - including pictures, scans, newspaper articles about sand and a download section. 

  • Sands - Sand collecting site. Offers to exchange samples of sand. Site is in Italian and English. 

  • Scarf Collector - British information for collectors of ladies scarves. Includes photographs. 

  • Scratch Ticket Collecting - Scotttie's Australian Lotology page. 

  • The Sergei Rubber Band Ball Project - Project owner is trying to build a very large rubber band ball named Sergei. Go to this sit for information on donating rubber bands and Sergei's stats. 

  • The Sneaker Net - Collection of over 150 sneakers (most of them Nike) - pictures. 

  • Solid Perfume - A free informational forum for collectors of solid perfume compacts. Includes a message board, searchable photo database and buying and selling area. 

  • Stegeo - A fairly eclectic collection consisting of stud boxes, roller blotter, bakelite boxes and dishware. Site consists of images and some text in English and German. 

  • Straitjacket Floats - Collectors guide to straitjackets. A guide for Houdini fans everywhere. 

  • Straitjacket Page - Pictures, links, and sources related to straitjackets. 

  • Swingline Owner's Group - Stapler collections. 

  • Swingline Shrine - Devoted to the loyal users of Swingline Staplers around the world. 

  • Talking Clocks - A collection of talking clocks. The site contains: photo galleries, some history of clocks that talk and interesting links about time. 

  • Tara Quest - Resources, pictures, and information about the Tara Ceiling Fan by Southern Fan Co. 

  • Tissue Box Cover Collection - A collection of unusual tissue box covers. 

  • Treasure Jar - Dedicated to a family's collection of miscellaneous junk that is found on streets and sidewalks. 

  • Vintage Ceiling Fans - A collection with images, descriptions and links. 

  • Virtual Mercury Arc Rectifier Museum - Photographic collection of Mercury rectifiers and associated electronic glassware includes interesting pictures, information and links. 

  • Waistcoat Man - A collection of waistcoats and three-piece suits, including images and a place for other collectors to meet. 

  • World Beach Sand - Collecting tips, trading links and general information on sand collecting. 

  • Yossie's Handcuff Collection - A personal collection of Handcuffs, Leg Irons, and other insitutional and historical restraint devices. Includes resource links page, patent papers, function animations, and books.



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