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Sewing Items

Vintage Collectibles : Sewing Items


  • Kathy and Walter's Sewing Items - Collection includes a variety of machines, memorabilia and other sewing related items. 

  • Krazy About Tatting Shuttles - Tatting shuttle information, history, and displaying. 

  • Linda's - Collection of antique hatpins, thimbles and needlework tools. 

  • Rosie's Needle Book Museum - Collection of sewing needle books used as advertising premiums.

  • Antique Treasures - A sewing museum with over 500 photographs of rare antique silver and gold thimbles. Many antique sewing items are for sale. 

  • Birchcroft Fine Bone China - Over the years this company has produced more than 10,000 different thimble designs, many of which are collectible. The site includes the history of thimbles, types of thimbles, and a collectors club. 

  • Charles Horner of Halifax - This site features information on the history of the company and the man who produced the Dorcas thimble and information on the formation of The Charles Horner Society. 

  • Dorset Thimble Society - The first non-commercial UK society for collectors of thimbles, primarily antique, and sewing tools. The site includes information about newsletters and membership. 

  • Philadelphia Thimble Society - A regional group for sharing, researching and promoting information on thimbles and the collecting of sewing tools. 

  • Russian Thimbles - A thimble collector's site includes history of thimbles in this country, information about manufacturers and artists and a photo gallery. 

  • Thimble Collectors International - Organized in 1978, it has members all around the world. It provides a quarterly newsletter, publishes booklets on thimbles and related needlework tools, and holds a biennial convention. 

  • Thimble, Thimble - Thimble finder and seeker site. Features collectors story, thimble graphics, thimble print cookie recipe and message board. 

  • Thimble Village - A place were people who collect thimbles can come along and chat, and help each other. 

  • Thimbles - A thimble collector's site with some definitions. 

  • Thimbles on Wheels - A group of thimble collectors, whose goal is to combine thimble meetings with intra-state, interstate, and international travel.

  • Antique Sewing Machine Collector - Online resource for enthusiasts of antique and collectable toy sewing machines. 

  • Antiques of a Mechanical Nature - Commercial site dealing in sewing machines and other interesting mechanical bygones. 

  • Featherweight Fanatics - Site dedicated to the Singer Featherweight. 

  • Featherweights - Singer Featherweight sales & service. 

  • Gaileee's Singer Featherweight Resource Site - Family collects and sells the Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines. Technical information about the 221 / 222 Singer sewing machine, and photographs of the portable sewing machine. 

  • IMCA Sewing Machine Museum. - A brief introduction to the Dutch De Vlieger Collection. 

  • Jean's Antique Singer Sewing Machines - Features collector's best machines. 

  • Jodeli's Vintage and Antique Sewing Machines - Collectors site. 

  • Krisi Santilla's Singer Sewing Machine site - Reference site for Singer and Featherweight models, including FWF data and machine dating help. 

  • Lin & Dave's Vintage Sewing Machines. - Enthusiast's site featuring photos of their collection. 

  • Mey Museum - Overview of the German based sewing machine museum, including information on chronological development. 

  • The NeedleBar Vintage Sewing Machine Collectors Group - A reference site for collectors of antique and vintage sewing machines, featuring Singer decals list. 

  • Pugsley's Singers Page - Collection of antique Singer and vintage sewing machines. 

  • - Introducing the London Sewing Machine Museum, including photographs and admission details. 

  • Sewing Machines Past and Present. - Enthusiast's site, including information on French pioneer Thimonnier. 

  • Singer Featherweight 221 Crinkle and Blackside Machines - Singer Featherweight site, with particular interest in "crinkle" and "blackside" variants. 

  • Singer featherweight parts and supplies. - Commercial site offering competitively priced parts and supplies for Singer Featherweights. 

  • St. Anne's Virtual Sewing Machine Gallery. - An enthusiast shares their collection of machines and related ephemera. 

  • The Treadlers Village - Standard treadle sewing machine catalogs and manuals from 1909, 1915. Includes sewing machine photos. 

  • Vintage Sewing Machines - Collector site which includes animations of different types of stitch formation.



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