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Vintage Collectibles : Shells Collecting


  • The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum - Promotes collection-based research on shells and mollusks with emphasis on southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Located in Sanibel, Florida. 

  • Collection of Bjorn De Boer - Exchanging shells and information about Olividae and other mollusks. 

  • Concholi - Shell collecting information from a South African collector. Site includes computer programs for collection management, landsnail information, microscope photography, and artwork. 

  • Conchologists of America Listserv - A forum for informal discussions of molluscan biology, taxonomy, natural history, evolution, conservation, and collection-related subjects. 

  • Conchology - Guido T. Poppe - Shell collecting information and shells for sale. 

  • Cowries by Felix Lorenz - Extensive site with shell news, cowries for sale, species checklists, and shell collecting links. 

  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Mollusks - Bibliographic information geared toward amateur and young collectors. 

  • Famous Malacologists - Bibliographic material on famous conchologists. 

  • George's Seashells and Underwater World - Collector's site with pictures of both live shelled animals and cleaned shells, shell show information, shell auction, and other resources for collectors. 

  • Guide to Beachcombing Seashells and Sealife - A how to guide on cleaning, preserving and identifying seashells, sealife, and sanddollars found while beachcombing. 

  • - Site devoted to shell trading, offers listings for those interested in exchanging shells with other collectors. 

  • Mariah's Site for Conchoscopy and Molluscation - Information about collecting mollusk shells, from a collector in Tennessee. Also contains shell trading information and extensive links. 

  • Nsan's World of Beautiful Shells - Japanese collector's photo gallery and shell collecting and trading information. Site in both English and Japanese. 

  • Of Sea and Shore - Information about mollusks and other marine invertebrates for shell collectors and professionals. 

  • Ring of Shell Lovers - Webring with sites related to shell collecting. 

  • SDNHM: Seashell FAQ - Frequently asked questions about seashell collecting from the San Diego Natural History Museum. 

  • Sea Shell Collector - Information about seashell collecting, with articles, pictures, and living shells in water tanks. Written by collectors, for collectors. Site in both English and French. 

  • Seashell Collect - Description of several families and species with pictures of shells. Site in both French and English. 

  • Seashell Images Gallery - Photo gallery of snail shells. 

  • Shelling Dreams - Personal site of Dr. David Touitou, with articles about shells, shell collecting expeditions. Many photos, including some of living seashells. 

  • Shells: Gems of the Sea - Virtual exhibit from the McClung Museum. 

  • Vicky's Shells - Features photographs of shells from a personal collection. 

  • Worldwide Conchology - Designed for shell collectors with a variety of interests in the hobby and science of conchology, and for anyone who has ever been fascinated with the beauty and diversity of sea and land shells.

  • Astronaut Trail Shell Club - Club in Melbourne Beach, Florida. 

  • The British Shell Collectors' Club - Aims to promote an interest in all aspects of conchology and to stimulate an exchange of information and specimens. Includes articles, club news, membership details, a calendar of events, photos, a list of reference books, and classifieds. Located in Berkshire, UK. 

  • Conchologists of America, Inc. - International shell-collecting enthusiasts' organization. Photos, history, events, facts, kid's activities, and information about conferences, clubs, and publications. 

  • Conchology Section of the Auckland Museum - Private club with about 100 members ranging from amateurs to seasoned enthusiasts. Includes a meeting schedule, a newsletter, upcoming events and membership information. Located in Auckland, New Zealand. 

  • The Cone Shells Club - A Yahoo! group dedicated to the gastropod family Conidae. Forum, chat room, identification help, and photographs. 

  • Englewood Shell Club - Formed in 1996 for members to share their enthusiasm and experiences of mollusks of all kinds. Contains a meeting schedule, directions, a newsletter, a library, and membership details. Located in Englewood, Florida, United States. 

  • Greater St. Louis Shell Club - Formed in the 1950's and dedicated to conservation and the scientific study of mollusks. Includes meeting information, a calendar of events, membership details, directions and a map. Located in Olivette, Missouri, United States. 

  • Guam Shell Club - Organization of hobbyists interested in collecting shells. Contains articles and list of recent finds. 

  • Indianapolis Shell Club - Group of enthusiasts in the Circle City area. Includes membership and meeting information, and a newsletter. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. 

  • Italian Malacological Society - Studies mollusks (shells, seashells), with indexes to publications, links to Italy and Europe, a BBS and a taxonomic database. Site in both English and Italian. 

  • Jacksonville Shell Club - Dedicated and enthusiastic band of shell lovers based in Duval County, Florida. Contains newsletters, meeting information and directions. 

  • North Alabama Shell Club - Purpose is to bring together people interested in collecting and studying mollusk shells; to encourage shell-related interests, such as shellcraft and shell art; and, to encourage others to discover the beauty, uses, mystery and fascination of shells and shellfish. 

  • North Texas Conchological Society - A Dallas-based club for shell enthusiasts and collectors. The Society promotes an interest in shells and malacology, as well as in the preservation of natural habitats. 

  • Shell Club of St. Pete - Club for shell enthusiasts, conchologists, and beachcombers who delight in finding treasures from the sea. Based in Tampa Bay region of Florida.

  • American Conchologist - And other publications of the Conchologists of America. 

  • Australian Shell News - Quarterly publication covers subjects of interest to both scientific and amateur malacologists. Includes conference and show reports, news, book reviews, finds and research. Lists submission guidelines and contacts. 

  • Hawaiian Shell News - Online publication with back issues available. 

  • La Conchiglia - Online version of the Italian conchology journal. Includes index of taxa (some with images) organized systematically, by locality, and by author. 

  • Shell-O-Gram - Official publication of the Jacksonville Shell Club, Inc. 

  • Unitas Malacologica Newsletter - Keeping the world of malacology informed and furthering the study of Mollusca by individuals, societies and institutions world-wide. 

  • Vita Marina and Spirula - Magazine and newsletter for malacology and conchology.

  • African Cowries - Pictures of Matt Grote's Trivia collection from Southern Africa. 

  • Assateague Seashells - Molluscan shells found on the beaches of Assateague Island, Virginia. 

  • Chilean Shells - Snail shells from Chilean coast, Easter Island, and Juan Fernandez Island. Site in both Spanish and English. 

  • DW's Shell Page - Information about Alabama fossil and Recent shells. 

  • Jacksonville Shells - Extensive information about shells and shelling in the Jacksonville, Florida area and beyond. Includes many high-quality images, articles, guide to shelling locations, and information about the Jacksonville Shell Club. 

  • Landshells of the Maltese Islands (Mediterranean) - Contains a taxonomic lists of land marine shells from a Malta together with a comprehensive bibliography of works related to the flora and fauna of the Maltese Islands. 

  • Liguus Conchology Information - Geographical distribution, ecology, taxonomy and dispersal of the tree snails of the Caribbean and South Florida region. 

  • Patagonian Shells - Offers information about and images of shells from primarily Argentina as well as specimen shells for sale. Site includes a statement about ethical collecting and links to other resources. 

  • Sanibel Captiva Chamber of Commerce - Sea shells and shelling information for the vacationing visitor on Sanibel and Captiva Islands 

  • Seashells of Galveston, Texas - Check list and collecting information. 

  • Seashells on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - Photographs and facts about seashells found on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 

  • Shells of California and Baja Mexico - Image gallery of shells from the eastern Pacific.



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