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License Plates

Vintage Collectibles : License Plates


  • Eric's License Plates - License plates mostly from Ontario and Canada dating back to 1916. Facts about the hobby, a trade corner, and interesting links. 

  • Eric's Sample License Plate Page - Contact information to US state motor vehicle agencies and information on the sample plates available. 

  • License Plate Values - Offers printed price guide to collectible license plates. 

  • - License plate collector news, events, and auctions. "Highs Page" tracks highest-observed issued plate numbers in each U. S. state and Canadian province. 

  • Melsh's Plate-o-Rama - Guide to collecting sample license plates from issuing agencies in the United States and Canada; gallery of recent and current plates. 

  • PA Plates - Current Pennsylvania license plates of all types. 

  • - Current issue of license plates, sale/trade, dealing in Ohio and Kentucky plates, Links, personal collection of my site. 

  • Prevent A Litter Coalition: Animal-friendly license plates - Resources for developing animal-friendly license plate fundraiser programs. 

  • The Tag Doctor - Collector Rod Pearman restores and repaints damaged vintage license plates; "before-and-after" gallery illustrates results. 

  • U. S. Government License Plate Codes - Codes in use on U. S. Government and diplomatic plates. 

  • Worldwide License Plates - Ed Yanez of Chile displays his worldwide license plate collection.

  • Andrew Pang - Galleries spotlight Maryland (with extensive coverage of optional/organizational plates), Virginia, District of Columbia, Presidential Inaugural plates, and plates of the Caribbean. 

  • Argentina License Plate Museum - Daniel Rubinger's collection on display at his museum in San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia, Argentina. 

  • Arizona License Plates - Thorough gallery chronicles the history of Arizona passenger, non-passenger, and optional issues, c. 1910 to present. Also includes codes and historical registration statistics. 

  • Australian License Plates - Comprehensive gallery of plates from every state and territory with detailed information. 

  • Australian Number Plate Collection - Collector Dion Rinaldi presents an extensive collection of Australian license plates, past and present. 

  • B. C. Plates - Comprehensive history of British Columbia license plates, 1904 to present. Thorough examination of non-passenger types; historical registration data; codes; local collector events. 

  • California's License Plates - Small image collection illustrates standard-issue plates from 1913 to present; some special issues. 

  • Calpl8s - Thorough examination of California license plates, including non-passenger types, c. 1956 to present. 

  • Cars and Plates - Worldwide plate pictures, specializing in license plates of The Netherlands. Plates and car brochures for sale. 

  • Chris Woodcock's License Plate Page - Gallery spotlights Massachusetts 1903 to present, Northwest Territories 1970 to present, bird- and hockey-related plates, and 1951 plates. 

  • Connecticut "EA" License Plates - Thorough examination of the evolution of Connecticut's Early Auto ("EA") series of license plates. 

  • Connecticut License Plates - History of Connecticut license plates, c. 1905 to the present, including many non-passenger types; Connecticut license plate news. 

  • Crazy Dutch License Plates - Erik Tjong Kim Sang presents a gallery of license plates of the Netherlands having unique or ironic alphanumeric combinations. 

  • Europlates - Collection of pictures of license plates from many European countries. 

  • Florida Plates & More - Information about new and pending Florida optional license plates. Eclectic plate gallery focused primarily on the U. S., but including worldwide plates as well. 

  • Idaho License Plate History - Gallery of passenger plates 1914 to present; list of county codes and slogans. From the Idaho State Historical Society. 

  • Iowa License Plates: Past and Present - Collector Michael W. Scheel presents a gallery of passenger and nonpassenger plates, c. 1911 to present. Also spotlights United States Presidential Inaugural plates. 

  • Jeff's Maine License Plates - Collector of Maine license plates 1950 to present. Gallery illustrates Maine passenger and nonpassenger types from various years. 

  • Knights of Columbus License Plates - Greg Ciesielski's collection of Knights of Columbus-related license plates and attachments. 

  • Leonard Heller - Histories of Burma (Myanmar), Chile, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua license plates; illustrations of U. S. and Canadian plates from selected years. 

  • License Plates of Mexico - Photo gallery illustrating current Mexican license plates. All states and plate types are represented. 

  • License Plates of the World - Comprehensive, cross-indexed gallery includes passenger plates from virtually all plate-issuing jurisdictions worldwide, c. 1903 to present. 

  • Maps on License Plates - Examination of U. S. license plates that incorporate state maps as graphic elements. 

  • Mark Goodwin - Substantial, thorough license plate gallery of worldwide scope. 

  • Motorcycle Vanity Plates - Small photo collection; approximately 40 images. 

  • New Hampshire License Plate Museum - All types and years of New Hampshire license plates. 

  • Newfie Plate Bonanza - Newfoundland license plate information site. Includes pictures. 

  • Numberplate Archives - Comprehensive worldwide gallery; examples of various plate types from virtually all nations and issuing jurisdictions. 

  • Olav's License Plate Pictures - Extensive international gallery of plates on vehicles. Plate type, district coding and other facts explained. Code lists for Norwegian plates. 

  • PA Plates (current Pennsylvania license plates) - Current Pennsylvania plates with a text and graphic listing of every plate type currently in use. 

  • Paul Wingert's License Plates - Gallery focusing on motorcycle plates of Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories; plates of all types from Turks and Caicos Islands; 1952 motorcycle plates of Canada. 

  • Plate Shed Forums - A collection of number plate photos, information, trade and swap lists etc. made up from license plate collectors from around the world. 

  • Plates in Rome - Information and pictures of Italian plates, including San Marino and Vatican City. 

  • Platesmenistan - Eclectic gallery; introduction to license plate collecting; trade list. 

  • PL8S - Comprehensive, cross-indexed gallery includes passenger plates from virtually all plate-issuing jurisdictions worldwide. Plates wanted and available from various collectors; general information on the hobby. 

  • Poochi`s Home Page - Extensive image gallery focusing on sample and prototype plates. 

  • - Gallery of U. S., Canadian, and Mexican passenger license plates 1969 to present. 

  • Québec License Plates - An illustrated history of Québec license plates. 

  • R. T.'s Blank Plates - R. T. Brandon offers downloadable blank license plate images from all U. S. states and Canadian provinces. 

  • Richard Hanchette - Collection of Ohio license plates, 1909 to present. 

  • Russian License Plates - Comprehensive gallery includes detailed information on various types of Russian plates and specifications of usage. 

  • Schoff's World License Plates, Flags, and Maps - Extensive worldwide gallery of current and recent license plates. 

  • Scouting License Plates - Optional license plates that help support the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the United States of America. 

  • Slovenia License Plates - Slovenia license plates from 1945 to present, including illustrations of all crests and different plate types. 

  • USSR License Plates - Comprehensive gallery of license plates issued in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics between 1959 and 1981. 

  • Ward Cunningham - Collects images of license plates while traveling. 

  • Whit's Plates - A comprehensive photo gallery of various types of Michigan license plates dating from 1910 to the present. 

  • Yukon License Plates - History of Yukon license plates; gallery showing plates 1956 to present.

  • ALPCA - Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association. Focus is on North America. 

  • ALPCA Heartland Region - Regional group chartered under the Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association (ALPCA) with membership core in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. 

  • ALPCA Southern California Region - Regional group chartered under the Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association (ALPCA). 

  • ALPCA "Utah, This Is The Place" Region - Regional group chartered under the Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association (ALPCA). (Formerly known as the Utah License Plate Collectors' Association.) 

  • Europlate - European Registration Plate Association 

  • Francoplaque - License plate collectors' organization in France. Introduction to collecting, worldwide gallery, French license plate variations and code list. 

  • German License Plate Museum - Museum/organization dedicated to the history of German license plates and road transportation. 

  • MLPCA - Michigan License Plate Collectors' Association 

  • NILPS - Nevada International License Plate Society 

  • NPCC - Number Plate Collectors' Club (Australia) 

  • Piccadilly Museum of Transportation Memorabilia - Museum showcasing vintage license plates and automobilia.

  • Al Barcelow - Collector specializing in California license plates. 

  • Alex Nitzman - Collector specializing in North American plates c. 1970 to present. 

  • Andy's Crate of License Plates - License plates available and wanted. 

  • B. C. Plateman - Eclectic collection of Canadian, U. S., and Mexican plates, c. 1970 to present. List of plates available and wanted. 

  • The Back Bumper - Collector Jon Upton specializes in plates of Ontario and Italy. Many images of obscure Ontario special event plates; trade and want lists; webmaster's "two cents" opinions. 

  • Barbara Jo Birt - Collector specializing in Washington license plates. 

  • Barney Williams - Oklahoma collector specializing in Native American tribal plates. 

  • Barrett Wilkinson - Collector of license plates from Mississippi and beyond. 

  • The Bear's Den - Information and pictures of Canadian license plates from Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories (NWT) plus some Queensland graphic plates. 

  • - Michael C. Wiener, license plate hobbyist and researcher of motor vehicle licensing systems. 

  • Bill Phillips Jr. - Personal introduction to the collector; favorite plates; plates available and wanted. 

  • Billy's U. S. Graphic Plates - Collector Billy Moore specializes in recent graphic plates of North America (esp. Virginia); also Switzerland. 

  • The Bolthole - Collector Nick DiFonzo presents his worldwide collection and a History of Texas License Plates 

  • Bruce Bufalini - Introduction to Bruce's collection; images of recent graphic plates from each U.S. state and Canadian province. 

  • Bryan Zygo - Collector specializing in recent graphics and 1971 plates. Plates wanted and available. 

  • Collectors Page for International License Plates - German collector presents his collection, including plates from Europe and beyond. 

  • Daniel Hediger - German collector specializing in special graphic plates of North America. 

  • Dave Lowrey - Collector specializing in amateur radio operator license plates. 

  • Dave's California License plates - Collector Dave Hindman buys, sells, and trades old and unusual Calfifornia license plates. License plate registration information, California plate data, want list. 

  • David's License Plate & Autograph Page - Personal introduction to collector; license plates wanted and available. 

  • DC Jr's Rhode Island License Plates - Gallery of Rhode Island passenger plates 1904 to present. 

  • Dermako's Motorcycle License Plates - Motorcycle License plates only. US runs in 1960, 1976, 2000 and various years including US Territories and Possesions. Vanities and a sizable Native American Indian Motorcycle License plate collection. Wanted and trade list included. 

  • Dick Pack - Introduction to this collector and his interests; plates for sale. 

  • Ed English - License plate collector from Massachusetts. 

  • Elvin Godbehere - Collector from Texas offers recent plates (c. 1990 and newer) for trade. 

  • Eric Taylor - Collector specializing in U. S. and Canadian plates c. 1904 to 1923, with an emphasis on early city- and county-issued plates. Special section on early Hawaii plates. 

  • Glenvil Roberts - Personal introduction to the collector; eclectic worldwide gallery. 

  • Greg Tomes - Collector specializing in Mississippi plates, especially eary issues. 

  • Howard Cutler - Collector of sample license plates. 

  • J. D. Adams - Iowa collector specializes in plates of the central United States; plates from 1966. 

  • Jack's license plate collection - Collector Jack Chen of Washington collects passenger, motorcycle, and special graphic plates, as well as plates of 1976. 

  • Jacob Newkirk - Collector specializing in Indiana license plates. 

  • Jeff Fazekas - Collector specializing in New Jersey plates and photos of U. S. Government plates, c. 1959 to present. 

  • Jim Gilliland - Collector of vanity/personalized license plates. 

  • Jim Moini - Collector showcases his collection of New Jersey plates, c. 1903 to present. Also truck/apportioned plates; plates of Mexico and South Africa; plate-related collectibles.



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