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Vintage Collectibles : Writing Instruments Collecting


  • All's Well Inkstands - Information about inkstands and inkwells, with anatomy, terminology, history and photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

  • Doug's Inkwell Page - Pictures, descriptions, and valuations of institutional inkwells for dipless pens. 

  • Drawing Instruments - Yahoo! Group for collectors and users of drafting and drawing instruments. 

  • Drawing tools - Drawing tools from the pre-digital area, with drawings and photographs of now all-but-obsolete instruments. 

  • History of Pens and Writing Instruments - Series of articles tracing the history of writing from cave paintings to ball-point pens, and some additional pencil and eraser trivia. 

  • Museum of Writing - Opening to the public in 2003, the museum exhibits materials, equipment, and examples of writing from prehistory to the present. 

  • Pen Repairs - A Yahoo!Group for those wishing to discuss repair and maintenance issues of pens and pencils. 

  • Pens and Pencils - Yahoo! Group for discussing the hobby of vintage pen and pencil collecting. 

  • Rules - Two short articles dealing with the history and collection of drawing rules.

  • American Pencil Collectors Society - An organization of pen and pencil collectors from the USA and around the world. A brief history, description, and membership information. 

  • International Fountain Pen Club - For collectors of the Italian Omas fountain pens, and other pens, with features and benefits of membership. Both English and Italian versions are available. 

  • International Omas Pen Collectors Club - Official home for the Italian Omas collectors. Both English and Italian versions are available. 

  • Michigan Pen Collectors - A collectors club with newsletter, pen show calendar, membership information, and links to other pen sites. 

  • New York City Pen Show - Features an international event for collectors, dealers and manufacturers with exhibits, sales, and demonstrations. Held in September. 

  • Pen Collectors of America - A non-profit organization to promote interest in fountain pens and pen collecting, and the history, manufacture and use of writing instruments. 

  • Society Of Inkwell Collectors - Dedicated to establishing and enhancing the hobby of collecting inkwells and writing accessories. Provides its members with an opportunity to meet, communicate, and share information with inkwell collectors worldwide. 

  • Writing Equipment Society - An organization devoted to the conservation, study, and collection of writing instruments and accessories. Includes articles about pens and pencils, and club information.

  • Cumberland Pencil Museum - A history of pencils and pencil making and information about events at this museum in England. 

  • Gemmas Pencil Sharpeners - A pencil sharpener collector displays some photographs of her collection and provides some history of pencil sharpeners. 

  • Incense Cedar Institute - Fun information about pencils, including pencil history, pencil making, and pencil trivia. Suitable for children. 

  • - The Online Drafting Pencil Museum - Information about drafting pencils including image galleries, patent documents, vintage advertisements and catalogs. Also has a shop with vintage drawing pencils and related items for sale. 

  • Moose Collects Golf Pencils - A collector provides a listing of his collection and a trading list. 

  • Ordinary Pencil - A Ukrainian collector displays his collection and provides his thoughts and some history about pencils and collecting. Multilingual Russian/English. 

  • The Pencil Pages - Includes classifieds, humor, manufacturer listings, photographs, and articles. 

  • The Pencil Place - A pencil collecting philosophy, pencil anatomy, gallery of advertisements, and pencil trading information from a UK collector. 

  • Pencil Pushing - Some thoughts about pencils and collecting from a collector. 

  • Pencil Sharpener Collection - A personal collection of pencil sharpeners, with photographs and items for sale. Multilingual. 

  • Pencil Sharpener Collectors Club - "Puntgaaf" - An organization of pencil sharpener collectors. A brief description and history of the club, with photographs of various types of pencil sharpeners. Multilingual Dutch/English. 

  • Pencil Sharpeners Collection - A collector exhibits his collection of Spanish-made pencil sharpeners. 

  • Roger Russell's Norma Pencil Page - Photographs, descriptions, and some history of Norma pencils and other brands of multicolor pencils. Includes a link to a similar page about Scripto pencils. 

  • Vintage Pencils - Photographs and descriptions of antique and vintage pencils from 1850 to 1935.



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