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Vintage Collectibles : Pens Collecting


  • Books About Pens - A listing of books for the pen and pencil collectors with reviews and comments. 

  • The History of the Ballpoint Pen - The story from A.T. Cross to Biro to the Fisher Space Pen and the SENSA ball-point.

  • Fabulous Floating Pens Exhibit - A description and photographs of a floaty exhibit at the Idaho Center for the Book, Boise State University. 

  • Float Pens of Ber Te Mebel - A collector showcases numerous floatys, with descriptions and trading list. 

  • Floaties - Personal collection, surveys for favorites, links, and clubs for collectors. 

  • Floating Around The World - Floaty float pens for sale including Eskesen for pen collectors. 

  • The Floaty Pen Page - A personal collection with some background information and personal thoughts on collecting, details about collection, trading list, list of collectors and links. 

  • The Floaty Pen Zone - Shares photographs of collection from around the world. Includes information on Eskesen, a Danish manufacturer. Provides related links, and guest book. 

  • Floaty pens - A collector's thoughts and photographs of pens from around the world. 

  • Floaty Pens of the World - Photographs and comments about pens from around the world. 

  • Lida's Floatpennen site - A personal collection of Eskesen float pens, with images, trade list, and links to other collector sites, in English and Dutch. 

  • MaryMc's Floaty Pen Page - Personal collection and links to other sites. 

  • Miranda's Floaty World - Miranda's collection, with photographs, duplicate list, and a 'blooper' collection. 

  • Patty's Floaty Pens - Collection information and list of pens available for trading. 

  • Petra's Website - A personal collection with photographs, trading list, and want list. 

  • Rootbeer Float Pen Club - Online club for floaty pen collectors, with links to member web sites and commercial sites. 

  • Tracy's Floaty Pen Page - Personal collection and trade list of floaty pens.

  • Ada Ma's Fountain Pen Page - Annotated directory of fountain pen websites maintained by self-described FP addict. 

  • Andy's Personal Fountain Pen Exploration - A personal site with images of a collection, care tips, history, and construction, and a collection of related links. 

  • Bill's Pens - Information for collectors, including history and descriptions of many brands and models. Also has literature reprints and pens for sale. 

  • Don's Online Shrine - Images and descriptions of modern and vintage pens, with some frequently asked questions. 

  • Dr. Ink - Tom Westerich repairs, services, buys, and sells pens. Includes some pictures of his work and a profile. 

  • The Fountain Pen Ink Sampler - A collector has researched and reviewed inks, and has written articles and a book on the subject. 

  • The Fountain Pen Network - Categorized forum with discuss topics such as repairs, history, news, penmanship and calligraphy. 

  • Fountain Pen Resources - Photographs, articles and links, with a selection of pens for sale. 

  • - Many photos of Montblanc pens with some historical information and other details of interest to the collector. Many pages are English/German, some are German only. 

  • Glenn's Pen Page - A collection of information including inks, store reviews, and many links to other sites. 

  • J. Miller's Fountain Pen Centre - News and information provided by a collector and user. Articles, chat, and some pens for sale. 

  • Jim's Pen Site - Photos of pens and vintage advertisements, frequently asked questions, articles and collecting advice, with want list and for sale list. 

  • Nibs - Informative articles about nibs, calligraphy samples, and tips for left-handed writers. Also, nib repair and pen sales. 

  • The Onoto Pen Company - Historical information for collectors about the Onoto company, including a repair service and sales. 

  • PaperPenalia - Information and reviews of papers and fountain pens. 

  • Parker Fountain Pens - Unofficial site devoted to the Parker pens history and timeline. Also includes general information about collecting. 

  • Paul Wirt Fountain Pen - Collector provides information about the pens, the company, and the man behind them. Includes a history and photos of pens. 

  • Pen Collectors Forum - General discussion, in categorized forums. 

  • The Pen Museum - Spare parts, manuals, and articles about repairs, with repair service and sales. 

  • Pen World International - A print publication devoted to the aspects of collecting. Selected articles are available in this online version. 

  • - Informative articles about various models, with photographs. Also other articles, surveys, links, and pens for sale. 

  • PenLovers - Informations, photographs, bulletin board, glossary, calendar, and Stylophiles, an on-line magazine . 

  • Penoply - A personal exhibit with history, user tips, and troubleshooting information. 

  • Rambling Snail - Chat, forums, galleries, news, and events of interest to enthusiasts and collectors. 

  • Richard Binder - Fountain Pens - Writer and collector exhibits collection, with photographs, reference material, essays and 'pen fiction'. Also offers pen-related desktop wallpapers and an email newsletter. 

  • Sheaffer's Corner - A collection of vintage Sheaffer's, nibs, displays, ink bottles, and other accessories, with photographs. Also offers items for sale or trade. 

  • The Southern Scribe - Pen jargon and articles. Includes information on restoration, repair, appraisal and sales. 

  • Tokyo Fountain Pen Scene - A guide to Tokyo shops, events calendar, links and articles by Russ Stutler. 

  • Vintage Nibs - New and old steel nibs. Collections and vintage advertisements from Swedish teacher and artist, Hans Presto.



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