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Vintage Collectibles : Soda Collecting


  • Bottles on the Border - Extensive e-book on the history and bottles of the soft drink industry in El Paso, Texas from 1881-2000. 

  • Coca Cola Glasses of the World - A personal collection of Coca Cola Glasses from all over the World, featuring over 300 different glasses. Includes news, guestbook and trading information. 

  • Cola Lady - Coke memorabilia and collectables, with pictures of items from a collection that are for sale. 

  • ColaMachines.Com - Covering collectible soda machines, picnic coolers, and soda fountains from the 1920's to 1970's. Hundreds of pictures, history, message board, parts store, online manuals. 

  • Jerome's Softdrink Can Collection - Images of all types of cans but mainly soda cans. Collection includes cans from around the world. 

  • Moxie Congress Online Newsletter - Historical and current news on Moxie, a soft drink invented in the 1880s. 

  • Nesbitt's Orange Memorabilia Page - A gallery of photos of Nesbitt's Fruit Products Company products and memorabilia, with some company history and trivia. 

  • No Deposit No Return Soda Bottles - Dedicated exclusively to 'No Deposit No Return' Soda Bottles. With history, images, and some bottles for sale. 

  • Soda Can Collecting - History of soda cans, with pictures of many types, including cone types, and a list of cans wanted and cans for sale. 

  • The Soda - Web portal with news, classified ads, electronic greeting cards, and forum. 

  • Soda Museum, LLC - Authentic soda items for sale. Site has historical information about various sodas and soda collecting, and one can sign up for a newsletter. 

  • Soda Pop Dreams Magazine - The print magazine for soda pop collector and enthusiasts. 

  • Soda TraderZ - Collector of soda bottles, Coca-Cola as well as many other brands, looking to share online communication with fellow collectors, and trade bottles or other soda related material. 

  • Soda-Machines.Com - Online resource to assist people in their quest for information regarding antique and collectible soda machines. 

  • Soviet Lemonade Labels - Vintage Soviet soft drink/soda labels, called lemonades by Russian people. Includes images, historical information, and label 'anatomy'. 

  • The Weide's Page for ACL Bottles - ACL soda bottles, crown caps, and soda advertising. Images of collections and items for sale or trade.

  • Alex's Coca-Cola Can Collection - Coca-Cola can collector in Hong Kong has many images of cans and other Coke items, with trade list and links to other collector sites. 

  • Amy's Attic Antiques - Specializing in refinishing Vintage Coke Machines. 

  • Bobby's Coca-Cola on the Web - Provides collector resources, references, and history. Links to international sites, collectors' personal pages, and articles. 

  • - All about Coca-Cola collecting- cans, bottles and other items from around the world. Includes a photo gallery of unusual items and text features. 

  • Bottletraders's Home Page - Coca-Cola Commemoraitve Bottles for trade or sale. 

  • Casi`s Coke Collection - Large selection of Coca-cola bottles for sale from around the world as well as coke cans to trade for bottles. 

  • CColarulez - History of the product, links, and pictures of Coke items, including some vending machines. 

  • Coca Cola - A collage of photographs of a number of Coca-Cola collections. 

  • The Coca Cola Bottles of the World Website - Coke Bottles (and other oddities) from around the world. Hundreds of color photos, links, and information. 

  • Coca-Cola Collectibles at - Classified ads. 

  • Coca-Cola Collectors Online - Resource for information on the hobby of collecting Coca-Cola products. 

  • Coca-Cola Info - Information concerning old, vintage, and antique advertising, slogans, and company history. Also contains an extensive value guide featuring photos of memorabilia. 

  • Coca-Cola Yo-Yos - Coca-Cola yo-yos from all over the world, with images and some some to trade. 

  • Coke Can Gallery - A unique Coca-Cola site that allows users to create an online gallery of their own cans and bottles. 

  • Coke Stop - Images of Coke posters, bottles, and downloadable animated GIFs. 

  • The Cola Fountain - A personal site with a huge archive of Coca Cola ads. 

  • Colagrrl's Coca-Cola Galore - News and information. Bottle trade list, trading cards, and Coca-Cola history. 

  • DaClassic1's Collectors Corner - Presents links to clubs, advertising slogans, reference books and items for sale. 

  • Digital Cola - Australian Can and Bottle Identifier - Software for Coca-Cola collectors; Australian can and bottle identifier for Coca-Cola enthusiasts will identify different packages released in Australia based on a numerical code. 

  • Eamon's Coke Can Collection - Australian site offering Coca-Cola cans for sale and trade. 

  • Erik's Coca-Cola Can Collectors Page - Features all about Coca-Cola; links, history, trading, can-archive, pictures, radio-commercials, information about the Coca-Cola Company. Useful site for school-assignments. 

  • Coca-Cola Collection - Personal collection of mainly cans and bottles, as well as information about the beverage. 

  • Jackie's Coca-Cola Page - An elementary teacher's personal page, dedicated to her favorite drink, Coca-Cola; and her favorite city, New Orleans, LA. 

  • John's Coca-Cola Collection - A personal collection of vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia with some items for sale. 

  • Jones Family Page & Coca-Cola Museum - A collection of Coca-Cola ink blotters, playing cards and other items, with some appraisal tips. 

  • Keith's Coca-Cola Bottle Clearing House - Commemorative coke bottle news and listings. 

  • Missouri Coke Home Page - Buy, sell, and trade. Specializing in Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles. 

  • Penny's Place Coca-Cola Collection and Collectibles - Site shows images of Coca-Cola collection, FAQ, slogans and offers some Coca-Cola collectibles for sale. 

  • Rebel's Cyber World of Coca Cola - Avid collector of Coca-Cola memorabilia. Features Coca-Cola bottle collection, bottles for trade, Coca-Cola music & links. 

  • Reggie's Antique Coca-Cola Bottles - Offers some antique coke bottles for sale. 

  • Ronen Liwski's Coca-Cola Can Collection - Images of can collection organized in a searchable database, with cans for trade. 

  • Steve's Coca-Cola Home Page - Collector's site showing a commemorative Coke bottle collection, a Coke toy collection and a trade list for other Coke collectors. 

  • TangaWorld Interbar Coca-Cola Club - First CyberBar-Museum in Europe with items dedicated to the world of Coca-Cola. Pub with imported beers, TV satellite. Castelldefels, Barcelona. Spain 

  • Tharrin's Coca-Cola in New Zealand - Includes screensavers, desktop themes, pictures and information about Coca-Cola in New Zealand and Lemon and Paeroa. 

  • Wikipedia: Coca-Cola - A collaboratively edited article covering history, ingredients, advertising, and controversies regarding the soft drink.

  • Chad's Dr Pepper Website - A collection of Dr Pepper items, with images and links page. 

  • Debbie's Dr Pepper Bottles and Collectibles - Collection of memorabilia with photographs, descriptions, and how to date your bottles using logos. 

  • Dr Pepper - Official Dr. Pepper company news, product information, games, contests, history, and advertising photos. 

  • Dr Pepper Bottling Plant - Visit the world's oldest Dr Pepper Bottling plant in Dublin, Texas. 

  • Dr. Pepper Cherry Marshmallow Cake - Cooking recipe for a dessert dish. 

  • Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute - Museum information and Dr. Pepper collectibles for sale. 

  • The Highly Unofficial FAQ - A collection of frequently-asked questions about the soft drink Dr Pepper, posted trimonthly (more or less) to the newsgroup. 

  • Max Arbogast's Dr Pepper Information Center - Pepper.doc is a central information center for collectors of Dr Pepper souvenirs, memorabilia, and collectibles. 

  • Unofficial Dr Pepper Page - Offers information on history, ingredients, fakes, and nutrition of the soda.

  • Goldens' Pepsi Page - Images of Pepsi collection and offers sounds, logos, links. 

  • Izkandare's Pepsi Page - A personal collection of Pepsi cans and bottles. 

  • JL's World of Pepsi - Contains abundant Pepsi links and candid photos relating to Pepsi Cola. 

  • Jon Daggett's Pepsi Page - Offers images of a collection and shows some Pepsi logos used through the years. 

  • Mike and Jo Ann's Pepsi page - Offers a variety of promotional glasses - mostly Pepsi for sale. Site also includes information on a couple of Pepsi clubs. 

  • Pepsi Blue Blog - Contains links to various blogs referring to Pepsi Blue. 

  • Pepsi Central - Providing contact information for various collector clubs and other resoureces. 

  • - A virtual tour of a collection, with Pepsi collectibles and books for purchase, information and news. 

  • PepsiPete - View images of Pepsi collection. 

  • Reggie's Antique Pepsi-Cola Bottles - Offers a few antique Pepsi-Cola Bottles for sale.



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